Morocco Visa Requirements Information

Morocco Embassy Address

Address: United Nations Street, Gigiri
P.O. Box 617 – 00621 Nairobi Kenya
Telephone: (+254) (20) 7120 765 / 795
Fax: (+254) (20) 7120 817


Morocco Visa Requirements

  • Form to be filled visa application form correctly filled.
  • Passport valid for at least 6 months from the proposed date of return (plus a copy).
  • Copy of national ID or Aliens Card.
  • 4 passport size.
  • Letter of invitation -Declaring the purpose of travel (Business).
  • Applicants Bank statement. (Certified, recent 3 months).(Amount in the bank to be more than 300,000)
  • Copy of Letter/Certificate of Employer/Company.
  • Insurance cover during your stay in Morocco.
  • Introduction letter (Reason for travel).
  • Hotel reservations (Copy of the hotel reservation).
  • Air Tickets (Minimum Req Reservation)Original flight ticket, Return.
  • Birth Certificate

Additional Documents for Business visa

  • Copy of the invitation letter /fax from the morocco to attend a meeting or copy of the letter/fax from the Moroccan company that you are going to deal with this should indicate who is going to pay for the expenses/accommodation.
  • Copy of the hotel booking in Morocco (written confirmation from your travel agent in Kenya or in Morocco).

NOTE: The applicant has to present himself/herself at the embassy
Application Period – 10 Working Days

The Embassy reserves the right to ask for more information and documents besides the above ones.

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