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built for our clients

Travelshoppe Trips is a mobile application designed for the clients of Travelshoppe, a travel agency based in Kenya that offers corporate travel management, visa services, and holiday packages. The app allows the clients to manage their flights and tours booked with Travelshoppe, as well as access other useful features to enhance their travel experience. 

Below, we will introduce some of the main features of the app and explain how they work.

what are the features?

Amazing features that will make your next Travel Hassle free.


The app does not require an internet connection to function. You can access your flight details, itinerary, maps, and other information even when you are offline. This is especially useful when you are traveling to remote areas or places with poor network coverage.

Flight Details & Check-in option

The app shows you all the details of your flights booked with Travelshoppe, such as departure and arrival times, terminals, gates, baggage allowance, and seat number. You can also check-in online using the app and get your boarding pass on your phone.

Detailed Itinerary

The app provides you with a detailed itinerary of your holiday package, including the dates, destinations, activities, hotels, transfers, and contact details of your tour guides. You can also view the photos and descriptions of the places you will visit and the things you will do.

Have a Look

A short video of our Mobile Application and it’s features. Click on the image to play the video.

Flight Tracker

The app tracks your flight status in real-time and notifies you of any changes or delays. You can also see the live map of your flight route and the weather conditions at your destination.

Flight Notifications

The app sends you push notifications about your flight details, such as check-in reminders, boarding alerts, gate changes, and flight updates. You can also customize the notifications settings according to your preferences.

Live flight status

The app shows you the live status of any flight in the world, such as departure and arrival times, terminals, gates, delays, cancellations, and diversions. You can also search for flights by flight number, airline, airport, or route.

Flight Alerts

The app alerts you of any changes or disruptions in your flight schedule, such as delays, cancellations, diversions, or rescheduling. You can also request for alternative flights or refunds using the app.

Currency converter

The app helps you convert any currency to another currency using the latest exchange rates. You can also see the historical trends of the exchange rates and compare them with other currencies.

Trip Journal

The app allows you to create a digital journal of your trip by writing notes, uploading photos, and rating your experiences. You can also share your journal with your friends and family via social media or email.

Trip Cost calculator

The app helps you estimate the total cost of your trip by adding up all the expenses such as flights, hotels, tours, food, shopping, etc. You can also set a budget for your trip and track your spending using the app.

Augmented Reality

The app uses augmented reality technology to show you the nearby attractions, restaurants, shops, and other points of interest on your phone screen. You can also get directions and reviews of these places using the app.

In-Built Messaging

The app enables you to communicate with Travelshoppe staff and other travelers using the in-built messaging feature. You can also send feedbacks, queries, complaints, or suggestions to Travelshoppe using the app.

SOS feature

The app provides you with an emergency button that connects you to Travelshoppe’s 24/7 support team in case of any problems or emergencies during your trip. You can also access other emergency contacts such as police, ambulance, fire brigade, etc. using the app.

Upload pictures or documents for your Travel

The app allows you to upload any pictures or documents related to your travel such as passport copies, visas, insurance policies, vaccination certificates, etc. You can also access these documents anytime using the app.

What our Clients Says

Reviews of our Mobile Application 

“The Travelshoppe Trips Mobile Application is a game-changer for travel management. The app is user-friendly and has a wide range of features that make traveling hassle-free. I especially love the offline functionality and the detailed itinerary feature. Highly recommended!”


“I recently used the Travelshoppe Trips Mobile Application on my trip to Kenya and it was a lifesaver. The app kept me updated with real-time flight notifications and alerts, and the currency converter feature was very helpful. The in-built messaging feature also made it easy to communicate with Travelshoppe staff. Great job!”

“The Travelshoppe Trips Mobile Application is a must-have for anyone traveling with Travelshoppe. The app is well-designed and has everything you need to manage your flights and tours. The trip journal feature is a great way to document your travel experiences and share them with friends and family. Keep up the good work, Travelshoppe!”


Travelshoppe Trips Mobile App is only usable by our Clients. For more information, please get in touch with us.


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